The Rules

A list from the forums:

The original Immersion Project rules can be found here

Alright, so some of you might know that I play “Immersion Project” style, which basically is a way to immerse myself more into the game. Some examples of what I do are to use a printed out blank map, and no in-game map, and to use only certain forms of travel.

I would like to compact these all into a basic rule-set, specific to VG, but adaptable to the other games I might play. So, here’s a summary:

1) Only certain forms of travel allowed. No riftways or flying mounts. (My character lacks magical aptitude and is afraid of heights.)

2) Only realistic forms of chat, such as /say channel, /shout channel and letters. No tells or chat channels.

3) Only allow a recall a limited amount of times per month. I will only allow one recall to one place once a week.

4) Stop leveling at a certain level. For me, it will be level 30. This allows me to not only learn my skills at that level, but to represent the real life possibility of always having someone bigger and badder than you. Also, it’s part of who my character is.

5) Use “role-play” speech. Not thus and thou’s, but avoid modern day speech and references. Try to stay in character.

6) Perma-death. If my character dies, he’s done. I am considering an amount of time that he would have to be “dead” for (say 2 months) before another character would have to perform a ceremony to “rez” him. Otherwise, he’s just gone.

7) Realistic trade: your character has to make a living. Trade is the most common, in a “real life” setting. So, with a little adventuring, I will be a trader. I can only sell my trade goods at brokers that are in certain cities, like Khal, Tawar Galan…

8 ) A “home base.” I have to nominate (my home will be the place) a place that will act as my true home. I can only check my mail there, and have to go there or an inn to log out.

9) Only use a physical, blank map that needs to be filled out by me, in real life. Use landmarks and the lay of the land to get around. This has proven to be MUCH more difficult than I thought. But FUN!

10) MODs: Mods are basic programs that can be installed into a game’s base folder, that will add things to your HUD or interface. Basically, they are user made “helpers” that will show information such as percentage of health and other numbers that might not be allowed by a fantasy setting. Even a science fiction based MMO might not show some of the information that some mods do. So I am not going to allow mods for the gathering of more information than is normally available. MOD’s CAN be used to minimize information, such as DrokUI, which can take away shortcut boxes and mob percentages. So, a mod can be used to minimize but not to give extra information.

11) Weather: If the MMO has a good weather system, or at least a good ENOUGH weather system as well as a good day/night cycle (if the game world has day/night) then there must be realistic limits put on how long a character can adventure without rest. Even heroic characters need rest.
For example, my little Raki ranger in Vanguard is not a hero. He stumbles through fights and barely escapes alive. I will allow him one and a half day’s adventuring MAX before he needs to rest. And to rest he would need to find a campfire, a house, or some other shelter and either physically lay down or at least restrict his movement for at least another cycle of day or night. (Of course, the timing will be tweaked.)
If the weather becomes poor, but is not that bad, my character can adventure like normal, but would need to cut his adventuring time down by half a day. If the weather becomes SEVERE, he (or she!) would need to find shelter or a campfire. He would need to rest there until the weather passes. I am still working on penalties if he cannot find shelter.

12) Food: Some MMO’s (like EQ2) will already tell you when your character is hungry and thirsty. I will have to check in most of my current MMO’s but there will be a set amount of time for my character to go before he needs to rest and eat. Possibly after half a day of adventuring would he need to rest and eat a meal.

I know I am missing a few, but I am playing this way now. So, if anyone can think of any other ideas let me know. I would like to see if this is close to what people think a “hardcore” server’s rules would be like, and show that until we get a server like that, the game can be played and enjoyed this way.

To round out the experiment, I am going to start a brand new alt and level him this way.




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  2. Interesting idea..I don’t think I could stick to something like this, but kudos to you.

  3. Good stuff Beau!

    I often find myself playing games in a similar fashion. I’ve never tried to write a set of rules, but in general I do try to enhance the feeling of ‘being there.’

    I wish one of these MMO’s would take weather one step further and give it affects in addition to the effects. I don’t stop adventuring when the rain comes down, but I try to change into something that looks more like rain gear (cloak etc) and I try to take cover in caves, trees, houses, whatevers.

    I’ve got a suggestion that you might want to give a try. I can’t say that I follow this 100% of the time, but I almost……

    Always play with the camera zoomed in to 1st person perspective.

    Love the show!

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