The Immersion Project is now the Station Project!

September 12, 2008

I have decided to change the name of the “Immersion Project” to “The Station Project.” There are 2 main reasons for this change:

1) I am sick of seeing the word “immersion.” Like I said the latest podcast, I know I didn’t popularize the word, and I certainly didn’t INVENT it, but it’s similar to when you get a new car: you start to see your car everywhere.

2) I am opening the project to other games on the Station Pass…which include a lot of games. The rules will be tweaked for each game, but over all the call is for all the games to be united under one “alternate realities” type of banner.

The closes I have come to a religion is a belief (semi belief) that there exists alongside our reality, an infinite number of alternate realities. At least, that’s what some smart people believe, of theorize. And if you use the word “infinite”, you allow for every possible scenario: ones that include the reality of our games.

In other words, out there, somewhere, in the infinite possibilities of alternate realities, the world of Telon exists as real as ours. And even within those parameters exists an infinite variety of THAT world. There is even a real world in which I am writing about that made-up world without knowing that it truly exists.

Now, I don’t think of this to the point that it IS a religion, or anything more than a fascination..the universe is made up of particles that all these realities share, as they pop in and out of our lives faster than anything we could ever think of.

So, that Station Project is a fun science project: what if these realities were connected, and what if some race of beings had the ability to be aware of them, and to travel within them all?

A character named Grin has that ability. I made her up years ago in one of my comic books, and based her on my mother: a wonderful woman, but being that she is a mother, she has that eternal slight sadness that stems from worry about your children. Mother Grin was tall, extremely thin, and had a tiny pair of wings on her back. She educated my lead character, Check, about his family history and about the fact that he was partially a Grin.

The story goes that my characters in all these games are partially Grin. They are not aware of it in most cases, and cannot travel like a real Grin could, but they are connected; different versions of each other that have no idea the other exists.

So over the next few weeks or months I want to talk more about this and write some stories, and hopefully connect my ideas from when I was younger to now.



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