Our Character Biographies!

September 12, 2008

Dellorn started a character biography thread in the RP section of the VG Forums. Here are Beau and Luper’s first entries. If you want to check out more of the entries, or add your own, please follow the link here.

Can’t say I know what to write. I am simply a Raki with a ship, and I like to sail.

So many people just sit in stink inside shaded rooms, waiting for the mean sun to go down. I don’t do that, I go after life harder than that. My paws do better when being active, not sat on. But I’m not stupid in my pursuits.

I came from Elf lands, but they are a little too pretty for me. I spend most of my time in Thestra, hunting after shiny bits of adventure and running clear of danger. Sometimes, it’s not that easy. Luckily, I have a cat named Bete and a horse named Royal, and they can think clearer than me most of the time.

I lost my family to the Shadows years ago, save for a small whip of a cousin. My family had a servant, and he’s out there somewhere, asking for me. Occasionally I send him some gold.

There’s not much to me. I don’t have many ambitions, and don’t see the point in working so hard just to wind up chest down on a freshly trampled lawn, with a magical hum vibrating your teeth. There’s too much to see and do without risking ear and fur.

Now, pass me a drink. I’ll wait here for the weather to clear up a bit before I go.

Rikoo Rakoo.

Walking over to Dellorn’s table from the darkest corner in the Tooth and Nail, Luper’s hooded figure winks at Dellorn. She grins and her large red eyes sparkle in the candle light as she says, “For a drink with you my fury friend, I will gladly scribble down a story or two.”

Taking a seat next to Dellorn, Luper fidgets with her bags, which each look very unique in size, shape, and color. “Where did I put that darned thing?” She says to herself aloud, while continuing to rummage through a large bag that looks to be made out of some kind of foreign skin. It resembles a large eye, which is a bit creepy, but you are distracted when she pulls out an enchanted quill! It glows purple and has a giant ruby at the end of it in the shape of a spider. “Ah, there it is,” she says. “I’d hate to use your ink dear Dellorn for my stories may be a bit long.”

Luper settles into her chair and takes off her hood, revealing her silky long red hair. You can see the scars on her face, but they don’t take away from her attractive Elvin features. They blend in with her complexion, bringing character to her face. She grins as she begins to write and her large pointy ears move subtly.

Luper sworn ally to the Brotherhood of the Spider: Tournament Champion and Dragonslayer

I am Luper. 50 seasons, I have lived in this world of Telon. I have traveled the world and ventured into the dangerous darkness and some of the most beautiful places. Although I have left my homeland many times, I carry the banner of Hathor Zhi proudly. I yearn for knowledge and friendship. Oh, and I have a thing with blood.

My story begins in Hathor Zhi. As a young Dark Elf, I found my love for the magic’s quickly. I would write my name in the sand from the blood of mosquitoes that lived near my camp as cruel as that sounds. I loved the adrenaline rush I got from the blood. Ah, the blood. It became an addiction for me. I craved it. The energy from life is so powerful. I fear that many Telonians have forgotten this.

The other children in our village found me demented. I didn’t care though. I was happy by myself anyways. Not really, but I played it off that way. One day, super duper Luper wouldn’t be alone! That day was not far off.

Looking up, Luper smiled and licked her blood red lips.

One day, I had managed to get outside of the gates and venture to the hill near the Tiberian Firebirds. I liked to just sit up there and watch the lake. It was quite calming. Usually, the area was clear of unfamiliar creatures, but on this day, I found a character that didn’t quite fit at all. She was a tiny little thing, and she kept putting her feet in the water and taking them out. Every few seconds, I’d hear her giggle. It intrigued me how something so simple could be so funny.

I found myself walking to the edge of the pond. As I got closer, I could see what she was doing. She had red scales that glistened and reflected in the water. Her feet kept turning red and then blue as she put them in the water. I had a feeling she had some kind of magical power. I knew I had to speak with my trainer Litrak Drathil shortly, so I pulled out a controlling symbiote and attached it to the tiny dragon. As I walked to my trainer, I learned the creature’s name, which was Ruby. I decided to let Ruby go after I convinced her that I would not harm her. She then proceeded to follow me everywhere I went. After awhile, she became a good friend to me.

This is the story of my dear friend Ruby and how we met. I’m sure there will be many a story to add to this book, but I have not the time to write another at this moment. My quill and I shall return another day.



As Luper wrote the final words for her first entry, she grinned and placed her quill into one of her bags. She stood up from her chair, and handed Dellorn the book. “Sorry, I cannot write you another story, my friend. I must be on my way. My allies await me at the gates of Ancient Port Warehouse. Perhaps, I will bring you a story for your book, if I should return.”


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