The city is a dirty place.

August 31, 2008

The best thing about a rainstorm in the city is the aftermath of cleanliness. For a few days the stink and dirt is removed, replaced by cooler air.
Khal was not a favorite stop, but a needed one. The only thing that made it worth it was the Tavern, and a small Raki girl that lived in a room upstairs.

I walked in, sat on a stool. The place already held more citizens than I liked, and I hardly made eye contact with the barkeep to order. He set down a large cup of wine. I sipped it quickly, to build up courage.
Then she came down the stairs, the same time as always. She took her seat at the end of the bar, and folded her hands in her lap. The barkeep smiled at her while I watched and sat her drink down in front of her. I got up and walked over.

“Hello again.” I said, nervous. She smiled and reached out her hand. I let it sit on my arm and she squeezed it mildly. She was beautiful, and blind. “Dropping off goods?” she asked. “As always. I brought you some nice things. At least, they seemed nice.” She smiled. “Why?” she asked me.

At that moment, when you are sitting next to a beautiful blind Raki girl, and you need to think of something to say that sounds spontaneous, the first thing to do is to take a drink. That will give you time.

“Well,” I started “I uhm, thought you might like them, they are just, well…”

She took a drink and smiled out of the side of her mouth, she was enjoying this. We have been flirting like this for months now. She had no idea that I wanted to grab her every time I saw her.

Just then a dwarf backed into me, laughing. My hand pushed into my drink and, as my luck would have it, spilled all over the lovely blind Raki to my left. She gasped and raised her arms to the side like you do when something cold and wet spills on you.

I immediately turned to the dwarf and pushed him back. He laughed at me, and grunted something. Satisfied, I turned back to her. She had already recieved a cloth to wipe her lap with. A pretty young Raki doesn’t wait long for assistance. “Sorry, uhm, about that…” I stammered. My face burnt. “It’s all right. I didn’t really like that wine anyway!” She was smiling. She was incredible.

Suddenly I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. I knew it was the dwarf, and I could feel a small point in the small of my back. He had pulled out his dagger and some courage. He mumbled something else. It sounded rude. “I don’t need a fight tonight, you. Go sit down, let’s forget this.” And I meant it. I came for a drink next to her, not a hole in the back. I could smell him, and he smelt like fear, mixed with anger. I have learned to use my nose as my intuition. He meant harm, for sure. This would hurt. I turned to look at him, hoping again to talk it out.

Suddenly a huge paw enveloped the top of his head, and claws unsheathed and dug into his cheeks. One claw went directly into his eye. It was strange, it went in clean and with no blood. His face became ashen, and started to lean back. I turned away as I felt the point of the dagger come away from my back, and heard him being dragged to the ground, felt his foot hit my stool legs and kick.

She sat there, a look of fear and wonder on her face. I doubt she had heard such sounds before. I heard the dwarfs muffled Yelp, and then a slight crunch, and his foot stopped kicking.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a gold coin. I hooked it into my finger and threw it at the barkeep as hard as I could. It smacked his face with a small THIP and he leaned back into some glasses, and they broke on the floor. “Your HEALER! Now!” He held onto his cheek, and then blnked at me. He waved at a female around the corner, and she ran out to get help.

I looked at the girl. She had covered her ears. I leaned over and pulled one away from her ear. I whispered into it: “I think I’m in love with you.” and placed the hand back over her ear. I hopped down off the stool and walked out.

As I untied my boat, my horse puffed at me. He could sense the tension. From the dark slunk a large black cat, and it slithered onto my boat and hid in the shadows of the crates I was shipping. I didn’t ask any questions.

As we floated off, I looked down and realized that I had forgotten her little treasures. At least now I had another reason to visit her.

I hope she forgives me and realizes that I’m not violent. But my friends are.

Rikoo Rakoo


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