My new bow, so pretty…

August 31, 2008

So I am able to get in game on the “old” pc (which was the newer PC last week) and I haven’t lost connection.

JUST TO BE SAFE I am playing on balanced with a few things turned up. But it’s playing great, 40-50 FPS.

Anyway, I’ve been doing quests for the Ancients at the Shrine of the Ancients. They are this strange race, and look like a cross between the good and evil creatures from the Dark Crystal. I am loving the quests and the lore they have given, and have ran into some group quests, so I need to get a group together to do ’em.

Anyway, one of them gave me this bow:

I know, I know. It does some decent damage but doesn’t have any effects. But man, I got it and it looks awesome, and it’s MINE. I was more excited for this bow than I have been better pieces. And they gave it to ME, and no one else.

Well, except the other players that did the quest! lol

But I love it, it looks beautiful and is MINE. I need a good name for it.



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