Now, I not only FEEL alive, but I AM alive!

July 9, 2008

All I know is that I woke up on the shore somewhere, with a young Raki female standing above me. All I could make out from her conversation with me was that she was from the Sleeping Moon. After asking around, others told me where I might go to find the place. I remember being there once, but it was so long ago that between that information and the dream state I felt like I was in that I was sure I would never find it.

But I did. I found it. I sailed for a few days and asked around, and there it was.

I was sent by some Elf to the cold North, not too far away, but high enough to make me nervous and to make me cold.

There was some good harvesting along the way, though. Firegrass prices were still stable, and I needed a break from making arrows all day. I might even get into crafting bags out of firegrass. If not, I have friends that could use the materials.

I could see the tower she described to me, but above it flew a massive bird. I wasn’t sure about this anymore, and after my drowning I wanted to be so careful in life anymore that I wanted to turn back right then. The elf had told me that she, and others, could now help bring me back from the brink of death if I needed. Also, she “attuned” me to the local magic, so that if I were to fall in battle, I would wake up later unharmed, for the most part.

It would still hurt, though.

And there were the gates. The inside of my armor was fogged and snow began to fall. Likely place to find half-giants.

I began to do a few errands for some local folk, but was taken aback by the sheer size of the place. I felt my stomach turning at the great heights, but pressed on. I was curious about some of the Monoliths from the area, and sneaking around dim-witted half giants proved to be relatively easy. Not falling off a cliff would be a different story.

I am still trying to read them all. I tussled with a few giants, and barely survived. I stayed stealthy, and tried to hug the shadows. Frankly, I am so scared of that blackness I had felt after my drowning, that I almost couldn’t move. But at night, the breeze died down, and it was so quiet that I would have sworn that I could hear the snow falling. Each flake fell so slow that it almost froze there, in the air.
Even the half giants seemed mezmerized by it. All we could do was watch as the cold stone became softened by a blue-white layer of snow. I knew then that I had to go on in this world, that I could not go on scared of death. This world was too big, too fantastic. I wanted to see it all.

I will continue in thisarea for as long as I can. I want to understand the giant’s culture more. There are some humans back in town that seem to know much much more than me, so I will try to bring everything I learn back to them.

And I can only hope for more night in the land of the Giants.



One comment

  1. I’m so happy to see this! I was worried that Rikoo’s brush with death would leave you disheartened and torn between your rules and your love of your Raki

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