July 6th..a long month.

July 6, 2008

So, not only have I been so busy with the podcast, doing the website and other stuff…but Rikoo died.

Essentially I was on the Ustream (see home page..the little live button) showing off for players. One of them asked me to try out a flying mount, and being that it might be a new player I decided to.

I flew off, and the mount fell out from under me. Luckily, I landed in water. Then, phone call time. I made sure Rikoo’s head was out of the water before I walked off to talk on the phone, but when I came back a few minutes later, he was but a corpse.

The people in the chat room didn’t give too many details, but some were saying it was a bug that did it, and that it shouldn’t count. I tend to agree, but dammit if quite a few people saw the death, which would solidify it as qualifying. I immediately logged out, without rezzing at the stone or anything.

So, he is dead. According to all rules, for at least 2 months. Now I can see that is wayyyyyy too long. I couldn’t stand not playing Rikoo for 2 months. He’s got too many things to do. So I have discussed it with Luper, my wife, and other players. The cool thing about this “Immersion Project” is that it IS a project, not a DIE-HARD set of rules. I mean, there ARE rules of course, but this thing has always been an experiment, or better yet, an art project first and foremost. If it is NOT fun, there is no point.

I thought of having a ceremony with as many players that would like to show up. At the ceremony they would chant for a few minutes or repeat after what my alt says. I have an alt parked there now. Then, I would simply log Rikoo in. While that sounds fun and a great role-play event opportunity, it might be hard to get going being that I play mostly during the day. Of course, I could film it and other could view it live on the Ustream site.
Either way, I need to get him back to action. I might just convince a powerful healer to go to the altar at QA and to perform a spell, rezzing Rikoo.

I have to get comfortable with the fact that death IS a part of the magic in Telon. The main reason there are heroes is because of this healing/rezzing ability some other heroes have.

Let’s say I learned my lesson. Perma-death feels great, but I can’t stand it. I’m only Raki, after all.



  1. I have not played in the water of Telon much and could not say if one could tred water or not. If so then it was a bug because I was watching live when it all went down and the Raki too. You was up and all was fine. In just a few seconds of you leaving He went down. Not much ,just to the point where your holding your breath thing poped up. Your toon held his breath for a long time ,but in the end you was just gone to long. He had been dead for a few minutes by the time you came back. It was a sad ,sad day.
    Any way glad your not going to hold him back for long. I do have one thing to ask….Does he git to keep every thing he had on him meaning is it just a time thing that you put on death? Are will he loose every thing he had on him? Just was wanting to know.

    Alik Steel

  2. I’ve been listening to your run on the Voyages of vanguard, since about march of this year. I really like the idea behind your Immersion Project and am using some of the concepts you’ve mentioned myself. (not as in depth, but I’m trying.)
    I am a returner, one that tried the game out when it first launched and left shortly there after. I am having t he most fun I’ve had in an MMO in years.

    Just wanted to say that death and rezzing is built in to the lore of Vanguard, so don’t be ashamed to use it.

    is there a written down set of rules?

  3. Alik…yeh I thought that’s what happened! Oh well. Yeh he is going to keep everything..unless the game allowed some of it to rot. Not sure. No way in hell I’m getting rid of my boat!! lol

    And yeh the written set of rules…hmm..good question..I have it here on the site, thought I had it linked..let me check..if you are reading this it might be on the links ssction of this immersion site.

  4. If you’re concerned with enough people/characters being able to log in to participate in the ceremony, here’s a possible alternative. You could set up a link here on your Immersion Project blog to a separate page and as soon as you get enough hits/views on the page then you can claim that enough energy/mana/karma/whatever has built up to power the ceremony. Or, for a more in-game version, you could say that there is a process for people to infuse a blessing into a simple object – so you ask characters to harvest a T1 common resource (whether jute, copper, whatever) then say a prayer over it to the god of their choice and email it to your alt in-game. Once your alt gets (50/100/500/?) items from different characters around Telon then the items would be used (and destroyed to maintain the immersion factor) to power the res ceremony.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

  5. Oh good idea! I might try that…the only problem is, I have already rezzed him, quite by accident, but still. I will be talking about it on the “mini-cast” this week.


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