May 22, 2008

June 25, 2008

May 22, 2008:

I ended up swimming a great deal more. To be honest, I didn’t mind after a while. I’ve got good armor that holds the wetness lightly but I have decided to trade in these arms for lighter ones.

I arrived on another chunk of land, and heard yelling and smelt fire. Over the hill I found a small burning village. I didn’t like the looks of it.

I remember this thing, but not sure from where. I believe it was some sort of gateway, but didn’t want to try it out.

And to think I still don’t listen to my senses. This great lizard jumped out at me, but luckily I hadn’t traded my weapons in YET.

And finally, Tanvu! ( If I remember correctly) I had old friends here, but wasn’t sure if they were off trading or had set up shop.

I found one old friend that was passing through on his way to market routes. Essentially, he was a sea trader. He would pick routes and travel them, not sure how he would decide on what would be profitable and what wouldn’t.
(After this I decided that after I reach the volcanic mountain in Qalia, I will make a trade route on my map and follow it with a boat bewteen continents and on foot or horseback on land. I am enjoying this so much, I am going to come to some rules for trading and carrying items. I will make a profit like a real trader, buying low in one area and selling high in another. )

Soon, he dropped me off in Tawar Galan, the place where I was born. Strange, being here after so long has made my memory become a mix of familiar and unfamiliar. It’s such a beautiful place. I want to take a break here and mark my map with some possible trade routes, maybe with my friends help.

(It would be awesome to have players set up as buyers, some as traders, and have trade routes complete with our own economy. It could start with a few items, and prices could vary depending on distance. Also, someone could act as a “master” of the economy, representing the world and all it’s objects. Instead of an unlimited choice, we would use maybe 30 or so different objects, and have certain players in certain areas buy those. It would be a market for role-play purposes.)

I need a rest.



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