May 15th, 2008

June 25, 2008

May 15th, 2008:
Well, so far I have reached what I think is a dead end. A dead end filled with water. I got up the next day (or day after next, I am not sure sure how long I slept, and orcs aren’t terribly friendly) and knew that I would be wet for the next few hours.

Even though I waited for the rain to stop, the grass was still wet and soon my leather creaked like a wooden floor. I recognized where I was, but my map still gave no clues as to where to put the marker.

Wildgrowth forest, of course. Someone told me once that if you eat the fruit from the trees in Wildgrowth that you will soon have branches coming out of your ears. I think I was 9 then. Still, I take no chances. Even with my ability to search the surroundings for food, I was not about to take the chance.

Then, water appeared. I was happy to start swimming, but missing my friend with the boat. There’s something about facing a floor of water, with no end in sight. It makes you wonder if you have what it takes to make it out here, and possibly have to turn back.

I was already tired and decided to turn back to a local lodge and ask for a bunk. Or a floor. At very least a fire.

The next evening I decided to try again. One of the Orcs told me that when he is about to swim for his life, he only thinks of running. He told me to pace myself the same way, and concentrate on going forward alone. He said my body (and my fur) would keep me floating.

Even so, my weapons could not be left behind and tired me out. Even being made of the fine material they are made didn’t stop my back and muscles from aching. A wet, leather bound, fully decked out Raki is no duck.

Still, I ran. The night was cold but I managed to light a small torch which helped. Soon, even it became heavy.

On higher ground I used my horse, but it wasn’t without danger. After this fall he stormed off like a child. I can hear him nearby, and saw him once, just barely keeping away from me but close enough to keep an eye on me.

Finally, I couldn’t walk, much less run. I stripped and now I am trying to dry out my leather. I have hit a dead-end. Another huge floor of water, with no end in sight. My map, of course, stays blank in this area. In fact, all of these islands have no markers on the map. I am pretty certain that as long as I stay south, I will hit the lower island of Kojan. All the islands end there.
Of course, I could tire out and drown. I think I am going to rest here a while.

I am still not sure where I am. Another problem is when I log into another character, I tend to want to play the “Immersion” way, which really does slow you down. I’m starting to do it in other games, too. I’m starting to see the chat box as annoying, and tells are a little snap to reality when they happen.
Letters are great, though. I can always find a mailbox, or I can ask around until I do.
I hope to get to a town before too long. Before too long I’ll be in Tanvu, I think. And hope.



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