May 5th, 2008

June 15, 2008

So in Vanguard they have solved the housing problem by having actual plots of land available for purchase.They have a few price levels, from a cheap 3 gold down and a few silver a week to 50 platnium for the huge guild halls! (My guild has one and it is AWESOME looking.) I’m always a sucker for housing. But I had always thought that the Vanguard housing was way out of my reach. I decided to investigate, and what follows is a grand adventure….on a very nerdish scale.

I am trying to play MMO’s differently now, or at least partially. I’m trying to just figure things out, and by that I mean I am trying to avoid going to a website within 10 minutes of playing to find a leveling guide or map locations for all my quests. That’s the thing that has caused me to burn out on some games: too much information too fast. So, I simply ASKED some players, in “local” normal chat about housing. I asked “How much are the plots?” and they kind of giggled and told me they were dirt cheap and even I could get one. I freaked. I jumped at asking where some might be..and yes, I asked that in the “general chat” or world chat. I got a few tells from people telling me about some spots. I decided to investigate one. To get to it, I would have to run (or ride my mount “Poopy 1″) to the nearest flying-mount-renter-guy. I hoofed it on down, located where I need to go on the map, and grabbed some supplies. Off I went!

After my mount messed up (or I should say my PC did) and I logged back on, I found myself at the nearest ressurection point. I had to hoof it to my body, or recall my body and lose quite a few experience points. I decided to break out Poopy 1 (the mount..keep up) and made a straight line for my tombstone. After making it over the mountains, falling almost to my death a few times, I came to the first area that housing plots were rumored to be available..and found none. All I found were plots that were bought 6 or 7 months ago…with nothing on them! I felt depressed. Anytime you get so worked up over something your body acts like it’s buzzed on life. Sometimes, if it’s over toooo quickly, you feel a little let down. So, I whined to my guild. One of my guildmates suggested another spot he found, a new island! FILLED with plots! I made my way to another continent and worked down the path to the flying-mount-renter-guy there. Someone told me:”Rent a pegasus. flew due east.” I made like Persius and flew up up and to the east.

After a bit of flying, there she was…a brand new green island. I came closer..a few houses, yes, just a few, and dozens of plots. I held my breath…I knew I would approach and they would all be taken, sitting there, blank. I approached with a readied sense of dread.

But soon my dread became a sense of urgency. There were plenty of plots, for 7 GOLD more than I had. I recalled back to the city of Khal, and rode as fast as I could to an area known for herds of ram and deer. I started chopping and didn’t stop until I was SURE I could sell the loot to make enough gold. Those are the moments that I love in these worlds: those desperate moments that, at the time, you KNOW you will probably do something stupid like sell all that loot for as dirt cheap as possible just to get 10 gold.
But I DID, I got the 10 gold. Actually, 15. I even had some money leftover to buy some ale and some home furnishings. I quickly went back to the island (well, not QUICKLY) and found the perfect plot. I purchased it, thinking that if I didn’t right away, someone would run up and snag my perfect plot. Out of ALL the dozens around. And I was the only one on the island. See what virtual housing lust does to a half man/half fox?
Now, the hard part. I have to gather/buy/make tons of materials to build this thing. And I believe that once you get all the materials, it can take a while (in real time, as in weeks) to get it made. I couldn’t be more excited! This is what I love..something to think about, while I’m walking my dog. If a thought can distract me to the point that I am not watching my dog the whole time, than it must be a killer thought. Sometimes I’ll be walking her and I’ll look up and notice we had gone around the entire block already, all because of some new gear I got or some cool place I found.
So, needless to say, if you see a little half fox/half man named Rikoo running around with boards in his arms and nails in his pockets for the next few weeks, just get out of the way.


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